Mission and Goals

NAPI is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization of physicians of Indian origin serving Southern Nevada, with a focus on professional excellence, compassionate patient care, continuing pursuit of knowledge and collaborating for the benefit of the community we serve.

         •To Maintain the highest standards of ethics and professionalism

         •To Facilitate teamwork and create a shared vision of healthcare

         •To Advance knowledge through continuing medical education

         •To Support other volunteer health organizations

         •To Improve delivery of healthcare to our community

         •To Influence and Advise on legislative changes impacting on the practice of medicine

         •To Help students pursuing a career in Medicine

         •To Negotiate on behalf of members using the purchasing power of the group

         •To Enhance our professional pride in the practice of medicine NAPI’s membership group of over 150 dedicated physicians across Nevada take part in annual charitable projects that address a broad spectrum of needs in the Las Vegas valley.

Recent projects include:
         •Educational supplies and books for schools
         •Community health fairs
         •Food, water, and supplies for the homeless
         •Educational scholarships

Through continued support of NAPI, we can meet our additional charitable goals of:
         •Providing comprehensive healthcare for the uninsured


Dr. Rajesh Shrotriya, MDDr. Vikas Sayal, MDDr. Priti Narula, MDDr. Himansu Shah, MD
Dr. Nutan Parikh, MDDr. Gautham Reddy, MDDr. Prashant Bharucha, MDDr. Sudhir Khemka, MD
Dr. Gautam Daulat, MDDr. Prashant Gundre, MDDr. Vilas Sastry, DMDDr. Abhinav Sinha, MD
Dr. Ravi KonchadaDr. Rajeev KhamamkarDr. Amitabh SinghDr. Vishvinder Sharma
Dr. Dhan Kaushal
Dr. Ram Singh, MDDr. Pavan JanapatiDr. Shanker DixitDr. Dhan Kaushal
Dr. Rajat SoodDr. Rupesh Parikh, MDDr. Vish RangaDr. Deepa Hasija
Dr. Alok Saxena, MDDr. Ram RatnasabapathyDr. Deb. Mukhopadhyay

We invite all new and current members to take advantage of the benefits of lifetime membership! Please inquire with Dr. Sayal.

Non-Members Please register or renew your membership if you have not already done so